Reliance Logistics — one of the leading companies in the field of trading, shipping, and providing logistic services for construction materials, building materials, energy, and minerals — has acquired a share of the total capital of Catalyst Partners Holding Company. 

This is part of Reliance’s expansion plan to provide innovative financing services to its clients, invest in companies with added value to its main activities, and enter the field of digital platforms, especially logistics and finance. 

Magdy Kasabgy, the Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Logistics, said that this step is a qualitative leap for the company’s strategy to support the company’s growth by investing in a non-banking financial institution that contributes to the expansions carried out by Reliance Logistics in its activities and to benefit from Catalyst Partners Holdings’ services, in addition to using the company as a vehicle to enter the start-ups sector. 

He added that Catalyst Partners, which has cadres with extensive experience in the fields of investment, finance, capital markets, and governance, will have a major role in the company’s expansion plans and sustainable growth. 

On his part, Maged Shawky, the Chairperson of Catalyst Partners Holding Company, welcomed this partnership, as Catalyst Partners Holding’s expansion plans support both levels of non-bank financing services, especially for the industrial and logistics sectors on the one hand, and direct investment in medium and small family companies on the other hand. 

Shawky added that the composition of the Board of Directors of Catalyst Partners Holding will be amended to reflect the new ownership structure and include independent members with high experience in the field of finance, digital transformation, and entrepreneurship, as well as restructuring the committees emanating from the board in accordance with the applicable governance rules. 

It will be among the priorities of the new board to develop the company’s growth strategy to be in line with the most growing sectors in Egypt, which enjoy great interest and support from the state, on top of which is the expansion of non-banking and insurance financial services, and the promotion of direct investment activity in medium and small companies. 

Special attention will be given to the industrial family sector and breaking into the ecosystem of Egyptian start-ups by managing and investing in ones that rely mainly on digital technology and aim to find solutions and innovations in the sectors of logistics, supply chains, and financial digitisation.