Waste Management

Reliance’s waste management activity is one of its most recent developments. It focuses on the treatment & safe disposal of Municipal Solid Waste and the production of Refuse Derived Fuel as an alternative fuel to the cement industry. It also recovers a large portion of organic waste to turn it into organic compost fertilizers & recycles any industrial waste. Reliance currently operates two Material Recovery Facilities in the cities of Ismailia & Port Said.


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Ismailia Material Recovery Facility begins operations


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Port Said Material Recovery Facility begins operations


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State-of-the-art lab to maintain high RDF quality


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Obtained environmental approval to safely dispose of hazardous waste


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Collaboration with internationally-recognized consultants to implement best practices


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Biomass activity begins


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Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling begins

We are at the forefront of alternative fuels (AFs) in the form of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Biomass, which are both viable substitutes to coal and pet coke in the cement industry. RDF is derived from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), and Biomass is derived from agricultural waste.

120,000 MT

Alternative Fuels produced per annum

170,000 MT

Shredding capacity


Our waste management operations benefit large-scale manufacturing businesses by capturing a wide range of recyclables from the incoming MSW. Recyclable materials include different metals, plastics, papers, tires and others.


Different types of Recyclables captured

5,000 MT

Recyclables sold per annum


Our treatment operations have a tremendous impact on the environment as they divert most of the MSW from unsanitary dump sites that would have otherwise self-ignited and polluted the air and water. We also obtained the license to transport all types of waste (ordinary non hazardous) and hazardous liquid & solid resulting from all industrial, petroleum, agricultural and service activities in all governorates from generation sites to final disposal sites.


Landfill diversion rate

600,000 MT

CO2 emissions avoided per annum


Compost is a zero-carbon, carbon-neutral, green, alternative by-product derived from organic waste that can be used as a fertilizer. It helps microorganisms proliferate which in turn breaks down decaying plant material into substantial bioavailable nutrients for plants to easily assimilate. The process of composting eliminates leachate, a toxic liquid, that harms the soil’s health & the surrounding water bodies.

45,700 sqm

Composting area

80,000 MT

Compost per annum


Trading, Shipping & Chartering

Focusing on cementitious materials such as Cement & Clinker as well as solid fuels such as Coal & Pet Coke, making us one of the major stakeholders in the cement industry.

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Logistics, Port Operations & Transportation Management

Going beyond our core seaborne trading activity, managing inland logistics, port operations & large fleets has now become an integral part of our offerings.

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Ready Mix Concrete

Years of experience in cement trading, aggregates mining & fleet operations has now made us one of the largest independent ready mix players in Egypt.

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Waste Management

Specialized in the treatment & safe disposal of Municipal Solid Waste and the production of Refuse Derived Fuel as an alternative fuel to the cement industry.

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Mining & Minerals

Focusing on mining Quartz for export initially and then expanded to other minerals like: Phosphate Rock, Dolomite & Basalt, which is an eco-friendly building material to lead industry decarbonization.

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