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Reliance is an aggressive business investor developing a track record of making successful investments in different fields and is establishing new business units to satisfy customers needs to and beyond the Cement Industry.

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Trading, Shipping & Chartering

Trading & Shipping has been the core of Reliance’s business since its inception. Reliance has been focused on cementitious materials & energy for cement such as Coal & Pet coke, making it one of the top stakeholders in the cement industry. Reliance is now building on its know-how to develop the import & export of new commodities & the entry to new markets.

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Logistics, Port Operations & Transportation Management

Logistics, Port Operations & Transportation were a natural result of Reliance’s core business in Trading. As Reliance sought to develop not only the management of the seaborne trading activity but also the inland logistics, which has become an integral part of Reliance’s offering. Reliance is now providing this service to multiple other traders & fleet owners.

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Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete is the result of Reliance’s experience in cement trading, aggregates mining & fleet operations. Reliance is now one of the largest independent ready mix players in Egypt. Reliance has immensely contributed to the state’s infrastructural megaprojects from tunnels & bridges to ports & metro lines. Reliance is now focusing on large commercial & residential projects aligned with the nation’s demand for new cities & human development projects.

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Waste Management

Reliance’s waste management activity is one of its most recent developments. It focuses on the treatment & safe disposal of Municipal Solid Waste and the production of Refuse Derived Fuel as an alternative fuel to the cement industry. It also recovers a large portion of organic waste to turn it into organic compost fertilizers & recycles any industrial waste. Reliance currently operates two Material Recovery Facilities in the cities of Ismailia & Port Said.

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Mining & Minerals

Mining industrial minerals has been one of the first activities since Reliance was founded. Quartz has been Reliance’s longest-standing mined mineral for export, making it a global supplier to the Silicon & Ferro Alloy industries. Reliance is also a national dominant player in the mining of Phosphate Rock & Dolomite. Reliance has now taken on a more sustainable stance by applying its mining experience in the recycling of building materials & decarbonizing the industry.

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Stevedoring & Port Operations

Fleet Management Consulting Services

Warehousing of Bulk Commodities

Organic Compost



Fleet Operations & Maintenance Services



Alternative Fuels: RDF & Biomass


Safe Waste Disposal

Concrete & VAP

Concrete Admixtures

Cementitious Materials

Solid Fuels

Shipping & Chartering

Transportation of Bulk Commodities